Charity Hatfield

"Let's make him holy."


A foundling, Charity has always felt like she’s been on her own, from her young life on the street to her experience bounced from foster home to foster home, finally come to rest at Four Sisters of Temperance orphanage in Detroit, followed at every turn by “The Angel,” a being that urges her to partake actions that help or aid other people, and keep her faith close to her chest. Always a physical child, she has only continued living at the gym as she has gotten older, her routine becoming ever more intense since three years ago. Otherwise, she’s a nice person, not particularly outgoing, but prone to rash fits of anger; some of the nuns want her to get some therapy, which she is refusing for “another few months,” just until she gets out of the orphanage.

About three years ago, dreams and nightmares of primal natures plagued her, and she begged The Angel to interpret the signs. Rather than speak cryptically, as its custom, The Angel directed her to an abandoned house, and inside she met with two women continuously giving birth to horrible insect-like creatures. The dreams became real, and she emerged from the house into a world of blood and violence.

Charity Hatfield

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