Janet Casey

"No, those aren't for me. They're for my friend."


A researcher of the Kindred condition, Janet was one of several undead to come to Detroit in the middle of the century. She slept intermittently, experimenting with torpor, exposing herself to her beast, clawing her way back, and watching her ghouls starve and then feeding them again. She has practiced Cruac in nearly every horrifying way imaginable, and lost herself completely to sickness, becoming a savage, rampaging monster. She was found, however, and dragged back from the brink by blood and wilds Trudell. Fascinated by the Gangrel, she took to studying with him and the odd mortals he traveled with, becoming fascinated by their condition. She struggled back up the ladder of sanity once again, and now studies death and decay, searching for the meaning of immortality and to overcome the beast itself.

Janet carries with her a pile of medications for her ghouls and her vessels, constantly checking over her shoulder for any of the mortals she has burned in the past, not out of fear, but the desire to make amends. She is now an enrolled member of the Blackfoot thanks to her Dead Nations connections, and clings to Detroit like a sinking sailor; she knows the depths Kindred society is capable of, and refuses to ever let herself be like that again.

Janet Casey

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