Mitch Scruble

"Stay on the path. Do not look to either side. Do not think about either side."


Teachable rites: Anything in Forsaken core three dots or less. Can point the way to quests for others.


Mitch lives in a small shanty hovel on an unnamed street between two dilapidated buildings. Between them is a space of lush greenery, otherwise just like every other alleyway in the city. In truth, it is a gate to Shadow, and Mitch is its guardian. He ushers people to and from the depths of Shadow for a fee, and is the closest thing there is to a true ritemaster in the city. He’s had more than his fair share of problems with Uratha and other shapeshifters, and has even dealt the the things in the salt mines more than once. On the surface, he seems shaky and uncertain, but this veneer vanishes in the Shadow, and he moves like he was born there, which, of course, is exactly what happened – Mitch was born to a small community of humans who live entirely in the Shadow. He trades favors and rituals for most of his food, and also hunts big game in the Shadow when he can swing it.

Mitch Scruble

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