Nina Alice

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While not a particularly old Vampire, having been embraced in the late 70s at a party and left to languish, knowing nothing of Kindred society, Nina fought her way to power tooth and nail, forging her own blood into a tool for defeating her enemies. In the time immediately after her embrace, she spent some months in a blood-crazed frenzy, drinking a trail across the United States, seeking the trail of her sire, one of three Kindred who drove across the countryside, embracing and watching others die, until they were found by what the local Kindred thought at first were mortal hunters, though they proved far more dangerous. After aiding the local Kindred in defeating her sire, she took in with the Ordo Dracul, seeking to understand herself and uncover the power she felt running through her blood. It was much later she learned of the depravity of Kindred society and she recoiled at her inability to feel anything over the loss of her own humanity, and she sought out those same hunters and begged them to end her life and destroy the Kindred with whom she had lived.

They refused. They introduced her to Trudell and said they needed someone with a real heart but the ability to become a monster to join them in Detroit. The revealed to her the secrets of Wovoka and showed her the power in her blood. She undertook a quest in torpor, seeking out her soul, and though she did not find it, claims Iktomi came to her and gave her a fragment of his power, telling her to weave her webs over Detroit and hold together what little remained of its Twilight and Shadow. She crawled her way to the top of the vampiric heap and stuck there, enmeshed in her strands. Very little happens in town in regards to vampire without her consent, and she claims access to a unique Discipline.

Nina Alice

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