Ray Farmer

"No, no blankets, please. You know what they say. Fool me once..."


He might be Kickapoo, he might be Meskwaki, but most of that’s covered up by the Cayuga blood. He’s human, to be sure, but somewhere somebody forgot that “Wolf Clan” didn’t mean “werewolf” and he was able to scrape some spirit gifts into his life. It’s not much, but it impresses the kids and keeps a few bucks rolling in. He doesn’t enter Shadow anymore himself, bound as he is to his motorized chair due to more trips than the human body can handle down to the all you can eat Mexican buffet, but he still knows how to harvest Essence at the nearby locus and his way of life tends to generate more than a little. He knows what spirits can teach what gifts and he knows most of how shapeshifters do what they do, even if he can’t do it himself.

He’s a good tutor for looking into Shadow and the basics of shapeshifting, but don’t expect him to do backflips.

Do not rile him. He will run your fool ass over with his Hoveround.

Ray Farmer

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