Sue Smith

"Hey, yeah. I'm the one that you wanted."


Sue is quiet, contemplative, and sleeps a lot. She is the current de facto leader of all living shapeshifters in Detroit, and even the bugs pay her heed. Sue is not altogether unfriendly, just particularly hungry all the time, and she has a taste for spirit flesh. The only reason Detroit’s spirit world remains the horrific cesspit that it is happens to be because the superbeast can’t quite handle the job on her own, and the number of shapeshifters in town is dreadfully low. She freely admits there are two things about Detroit that put off most Uratha: the quality of a Shadow that’s circling the drain, and herself. Sue Smith is personally responsible for the disappearance of the last four Uratha to enter town, and makes no attempt to hide this fact. They were, in her words “troublemakers.”

She is, on the other hand, almost breathlessly waiting for a pack that doesn’t immediately act like it’s the top of the heap and sincerely wants to help get the Shadow back under control. Waiting for a long time, now.

Could be waiting forever.

By day, Sue is a ruthless accountant, overseeing the exchange of money from one set of hands to the other, always waiting to pounce on the helpless, and the “leader” of a pack of bankers who follow her nearly every instruction. She has been compared to a lioness, doing the hunting for the pride.

It makes her laugh.

Sue Smith

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